When it comes to selling your home, it is common knowledge that first impressions are everything. However well-aided they are by a good realtor, potential buyers inspecting your home have neither the time nor the expertise to truly evaluate everything. Accordingly, they are highly susceptible to visual impressions and, more even than this, first impressions. And the real first impression a home will have on a buyer is, of course, the exterior. 

According to real estate brokerage and property experts CityHome Collective, the immediate interior of a home might be the most important thing to get right when trying to entice buyers, and an off-putting exterior will put off buyers before they even get that far. In practice, it’s possible to show the best side of the property by getting a good listings photograph to send to the real estate agent, but there’s only so far that good photographs can take you. 

What Constitutes the Exterior?

This might seem like an obvious question, but there are actually a few complicating factors were defining the exterior of a home is concerned. For example, it is well known that there is plenty besides the property itself that can add or subtract value from a home. The exterior of your home certainly includes the facade and the front yard but, in many cases, also the facade and front yards of adjoining properties. Similarly, the general look of the neighborhood is important too. Unfortunately, you might have a limited ability to do anything about how these look. 

Also, if you live in a condo, apartment, or some other form of communal building then your exterior is either extremely limited or much more extensive (depending on what way you look at it). In the case of condos, you might have some ability to fix up the exterior through the condo corporation but, again, things are limited. 

How to Fix Up Your Exterior for a Sale 

Nevertheless, having things looking attractive on the outside is vitally important when selling your home. Here is what you can do: 

The Front Door 

It is only a small part of the property, but research shows that the state of your front door actually has massive potential to add or subtract value from your home. A fresh lick of paint or some varnish on the wood is a great start here. 

The Lawn 

From the smallest to one of the larger parts of your home’s exterior. The state of the front lawn is something you should certainly get right ahead of inviting buyers for viewings. Depending on the state of the lawn, you might like to enlist the help of a gardening or landscaping service. The lawn certainly has significant make-or-break potential. 

The Roof 

If you have one, the roof is a vitally important part of the outside of your home. Problems with the roof can be very costly to fix and only worsen over time. Accordingly, the impression of a faulty roof is not something you want to give potential buyers. 

Other Properties

As mentioned, your options might be limited here – but they are not non-existent. If you are on friendly terms with your neighbors, it might be wise to ask them to spruce up their front yards to help you along with your sale. And for those selling a condo or communal apartment, it is a good idea to call the housing authority to see to all repairs ahead of the sale. 

Quite simply, the exterior is nothing less than the first thing a buyer sees. It is important to get it right.