Leaf blowers are an example of a loud, inefficient, ineffective tool like best cordless leaf blower that has managed to survive due to manufacturers of leaf blowers wanting to continue to make a profit selling them and gardeners who find it easier to blow dust, dirt, and debris from one property to the property next door for a fee, then a day later, he or another gardner can get paid to blow that debris to a 3rd property (or back to the first property).

The design of the leaf blower is exactly OPPOSITE to what it should be. Leaf blowers should be leaf SUCKERS that suck up the leaves into a canister. However, that would mean a person couldn’t get paid to blow ONE leaf all around the parking lot, sounding busy for half an hour, when all that leaf did was move from under one person’s car at one side of the building lot to another person’s car at the other side of the building. If leaf blowers were leaf suckers, the person would suck that ONE leaf up in 2 seconds and that person would be forced to find real things to do for the remaining 59 minutes he’s getting paid, rather than look and sound busy blowing that ONE leaf around in circles.

Leaf blowers aren’t just loud and inefficient, they also add to BOTH noise pollution AND air pollution. There really isn’t any reason why leaf blowers like husqvarna 150 bt backpack leaf blower review should be so prevalent as they are. Leaf blowers really should be a niche tool used in selective situations. Most of the time a rake and a yard waste bin are more effective. If you have just a few leaves, you can use your lawn rake to lift those leaves up so you don’t have to bend, put them in the yard waste bin, and you are done. If you have a huge pile of leaves, why in tar nation would you want to SCATTER them all OUTWARD into 3 dozen directions? Doesn’t it makes more sense to pull them INWARD into a neat pile to put in your yard waste bin?

While they’re certainly convenient when it comes to making yard maintenance easier, there are several safety concerns that parents should be aware of if they’re considering purchasing and using a leaf blower when there are young children in the house.

Falling leaves are beautiful, but for some, they’re something that simply must be cleaned up, and the easiest way to do that is with a leaf blower. Huge, directed gusts of wind blow those leaves out of the way. No need to bag or mulch or — heaven forbid — rake those leaves. Increasingly, there are better leaf blowers out there, ones that don’t make as much noise or use gasoline. Electricity- and battery-powered tend to have just as much get-up-and-blow as gasoline-powered blowers, making them good alternatives if you’re still attached to the concept of blowing leaves off the lawn. Of course, these devices can require long extension cords or frequent charging, especially if a lawn is large.

You’ll want to check your municipality’s bylaws for using leaf blowers like cordless leaf blower review, especially gas-powered units, which are prohibited in some areas. Parts of California have banned leaf blowers entirely. You can check the Noise Pollution Clearing house for a nationwide list of noise bylaw regulations.