At any major construction site you’ll probably need a heavy digger to demolish, grade, excavate and landscape as well as simply moving the earth as efficiently as possible. Most contractors make the decision to hire a digger for their project, to avoid the high cost of buying one outright. Read on to see some of the ways to reduce cost of a heavy digger, as hiring one can still be a major expense for any contractor.

Compare Several Hire Companies

It will take time, but it’s well worth comparing the costs of several digger rental companies, as rates can be different even for the exact same piece of equipment. Choosing to work with the rental company that offers the best rates is clearly one of the most effective ways of making sure you don’t spend more than you need to on heavy digger rental. And to enjoy the best rate, consider the following:

* Flexible rental packages are useful to look for when comparing hiring companies.

* It’s nearly always going to save you money renting different equipment from the same company, rather than having to work with two different companies. Need a bulldozer and a heavy digger? Save time and money by renting both from the same company.

* Similarly, to save money don’t hire different components separately. If you’ll need grading blades, grapples augers and different sized buckets, make sure your digger rental includes all those extras.

Get a price quote once you have a company chosen based on the criteria above; you want the best rates, but also a company that meets your needs.

A Serviced Digger Is the way To Go

You don’t want the inconvenience, wasted time and possible extra expense of having to repair your digger if it breaks down in the middle of your construction project. A reputable equipment hire company will make sure their diggers and other equipment are all serviced and inspected before hiring it out. Of course, any repairs needed should be taken care of before you or anyone else rents that equipment. And it’s acceptable for you to be there while the hire company inspects that equipment.

The controls, attachment system, undercarriage, electrics and hydraulic systems are all areas that you should pay close attention to during any equipment inspection. It all helps to minimize delays and ensures that you won’t be liable for repairs that aren’t your responsibility.

Hire A Digger Operator Who Is Experienced

It will actually lower your costs in the long run by hiring an experienced digger operator along with the piece of equipment itself, despite it seeming like an expense you don’t really need. The additional cost of having the operator as part of the package may run at £200 but it’s well worth the money.

Anyone operating the digger who isn’t really qualified or experienced to do so can incur extra unwanted costs resulting from mistakes during operation, and it’s all too easy for someone inexperienced to damage the digger or your site. And that means you paying for it. You can make sure there are no mistakes by hiring an experienced operator, and that also means the job gets completed more quickly too.

For your equipment needs, talk to FSG Plant. We offer quality equipment at great prices, along with a variety of packages to suit your specific needs. Call us today for a no obligation quote and to work with a reputable company who can handle all your heavy digger needs.