At Bells Removals & Storage, we fell proud of ourselves on offering high standard removalist and storage facilities to all our customers: whether they require an office removalist, a small apartment move or even an interstate relocation. But before the present decade, we’ve observed a worrying fashion in the industry: there are an enhancing number of second-rate moving companies filling the countryside and staining the good name of hard-working removalists everywhere!

Bad removalists might give inexpensive moving charges, but they will most possibly charge you much more in the long run: removalists who fail to appear, or dump your goods and chattels in the street, break your costly belongings or in the bad cases, holding your goods and chattels for more demanding more pay! So with numerous movers to select from, how do you find out the good from the bad? Here are our some tried and true inventories of ways to check that the removalists you select are excellent:

Filter the Reviews: A definite indication of a deceitful removalist is that they either have loads of worst reviews, or actually none at all. On maximum review websites, you can clear the reviews to only notice the bad of them. Check what people who don’t prefer the company are saying. If all the bad reviews are past reviews, if they mention the issues you consider you could live with, then it’s possibly you’ve discovered a good removalist.

Review Responses: While you’ve already cleared the reviews, follow how the company answers to the bad reviews. If they are attentive and appear like they fairly desire to correct the issue, then you’ve discovered a good company. If they are scornful or very argumentative, you might have a possible cash drain on your hands.

Moving Charges: Cheap moving charges might appear to be inviting, but you can seize up their removalist charges to observe what their qualities are like. The charges they’ve quoted require covering at the minimum of a basic wage for the removalists, additionally company and truck expenses. If not, the removalists will be short-term, badly trained and not put money into the company’s fame. And you’ll possibly get strike with the ‘rest’ of the moving prices later on.

GST Added: By law, all website charges must add up GST. But the best companies will make that completely clear and if they do, your moving company cares about lawful obedience.

In advance Contracts: Best removalist companies will email you all your moving details, their accountabilities and their T&Cs. And they’ll also have up-to-date, correct removalists Public Accountability Certificate that you can go through on their website or inquire them to email to you.

The Right Questions: A top standard, experienced moving company will be not so much about the sales and more interested in inquiring you the correct questions.

Agreeing, Clear Discussion: Good standard movers are aware what they provide, are aware what they stick out for and aren’t interested in misleading their customers with clashing information. If the detail you discover on the company website, on their review sites and what they say to you over the phone doesn’t clash, it’s a bad symptom. We used Bells Removals & Storage for their door to door removal service.

If you’ve discovered a fair, good removals company, they will provide and treat their removalists with respect. And that will throw back in how simple the removalists make your move.