When a property is up on the market, the sellers typically do everything they can to bump the value up by as much as possible. Things like a well-fitted kitchen, modern furnishings, and a great location are all things that can add significant value to a property. Nearly everybody knows what these things are, and you can be sure buyers will be looking out for them. Likewise, we are all pretty familiar with those things that can see your home plummet in value, from local shops or amenities closing to a messy front yard. For sure, a home’s value depends on a great deal more than the building itself. Some of these additional factors you can do something about, while some you just have to accept. 

A Little Knowledge Goes a Long Way 

Accordingly, it makes sense to avail yourself of a good working knowledge of all the things that affect your home’s value ahead of putting it on the market. If you have any intention at all to make some pre-sale changes to your home in order to bump up that value, then it’s a very good idea to have a clear view of every last thing which could hike that asking price by a few figures. After all, you will need to know where to spend your money. 

The trouble is, not all these factors are obvious. Beyond the obvious value indicators such a well-maintained roof and proximity to a good local school, there is actually a lengthy list of much more unexpected factors that can bump up that price. Normally these will require the expertise of a professional real estate brokerage in order to identify and properly manage, but there’s a lot to be said for wising up yourself. Salt Lake City-based real estate agency CityHome Collective recommend that every one of these smaller, more unexpected, value boosters be accounted for, as far as possible, before any sale. Here then is a list of the top unexpected home value boosters. 

Black Door 

Yes indeed. Changing your door’s color can boost the value of your home by over $6,000, according to a 2018 real estate study. It is unclear just why this is the case, but perhaps it has something to do with the timeless elegance of black as a color. 

The Next-Door Lawn 

It is a common wisdom of the property market that a home’s value depends on far more than just the condition of the property itself. If the next-door lawn or the lawn across the street is something of an eyesore, that can have a real impact on your own property’s value. Perhaps you can offer to mow their lawn for them?

Modern Ceiling Light Fixtures 

Amid the countless little touches that you can make to a property in order to increase its value, it’s often possible to forget the one touch that isn’t actually all that little. Ceiling lights throw light across the whole room, so if the fixtures are faded or dirty, that can have a bigger effect than you might expect. 

Tightened Doorknobs and Fixtures 

Think about it, as a prospective buyer traverses your home they are going to notice any creaky or loose doorknobs or hinges as they move from room to room. This can immediately give the wrong impression and is why this seemingly small issue can have such a big impact. 

Although unexpected, nobody would claim that these price-boosting features are minor. In fact, some of them have been shown to be significant value increasers. So if you are selling a home, keep them in mind.