Timber flooring type is best suited for low-temperature places like Parramatta because of their advantages. In the construction field, they use both new timber and recycled timber. The new timber may be little costly than recycled timber. Using new timber instead of recycled timber will be more beneficial for timber flooring in Parramatta. In this article let us discuss some of the advantages of using new timber instead of recycled timber.

New timber flooring in Parramatta will be in high standards :

The quality of the new timber will be good when compared with the recycled timber. Newly

manufactured timber floors will be of a high standard than the used timber floors. The standard of the

timber decreases based on the years of usage. The color of the old timbers will be very light and there

may be holes and cracks. The expense for the old timber will be more when compared with the new

timber while new timber floor can last for many years. Old timbers may be affected by insects and pests.


Old timbers are not sourced from the environmentally friendly area but nowadays they are sourced

from special areas. Most of the manufacturer nowadays use sustainable timbers which were the main

problem in the olden days.

New timbers can store carbon in it:

One of the main reasons for climate change and environmental issues is the increase in the amount of

carbon dioxide. When trees grow they absorb carbon. New timbers are the best way to store carbon.

50% weight of the timber is because of the stored carbon. If you like to save the planet then you can use

this sustainable timber.

New timber will keep the house warm:

New timber can keep the house warm. As years pass there may be chances for poor functioning. So it is

always recommended to use newly manufactured timbers for flooring.


Proper installation of timber will prevent vibration and even absorb shocks that are not possible or

difficult with recycled timber.

Air quality:

New timber flooring is the best and healthy option since they resist dust, pollen, and allergic agent.

Advantages of buying new timber flooring in Parramatta:

Timber flooring is available at different rates and can suit all budget range. Scratches in the timber flooring can be rectified with the help of simple sand and seal. Timber floors are hygienic when compared with other flooring types like carpets and tiles.

  • The simple installation procedure of timber floors:
  1. Clean the surface in which the timber floors are to be installed.
  2. Spread a tar paper above the cleaned surface to prevent moisture.
  3. To avoid variation in the color mix the timber planks available and select the more suitable one.
  4. Install the timber wood floor on the surface.

     2) The installation process can be done through four main methods.

  1. Nailing process
  2. Staple down the timber floors
  3. Us glue to fix the timber flooring
  4. Floating

Floating is the best option and used by most of the construction companies. In this option, the adhesive is used to attach the planks.