Flooring is something that should be planned carefully. The type of flooring designed should enhance a better grip and be resistant to slip. Flooring in wet areas concerns many people since it is the cause of fall accidents. Places that always crowded like in schools, hospitals, schools, workplaces, libraries should be taken on priority to be safe. All tiled floors require treatment to reduce their slippery conditions. So, taking an anti-slip treatment is the best way to prevent any accidents from occurring. So why should you use non-slip tile treatment exactly?

Here are the top reasons why:

  1. Lowers the risk of accidents caused by slipping and falling disasters both at the workplace and at home
  2. The safety of the working environment is increased
  3. The guarantee period will be taken with more consideration, and the maintenance will be instructed to you by specialists and given in the form of manual.
  4. When the treatment is being applied, it takes less time and no disruption to your workplace or your house.
  5. It is suitable for concrete, ceramic, unglazed, terrazzo, marble, linoleum, thermoplastic, slate, and many other types of flooring
  6. The coefficient of friction is safe irrespective of dry or wet weather conditions
  7. They are not toxic, anti-culture medium and also non-acid base
  8. Quick to apply and bring underused after applying
  9. The anti-slip tile treatment is useful for both outdoor and indoor flooring purposes

Non-slip tile treatment can be applied to the already existing slippery tile or to the ones that need a new one. It is used to keep a close watch on whether the anti-slip coating is safe to avoid severe incidents. The slip test requirements have to be followed to achieve safety. There are affordable slip-testing measures such as SlipAlert, BOT-3000, Pendulum, Tortus, etc. that are too reliable. For those who are planning to go with the flooring plans, you may find anti-slip tiles and stones. They are to remain slip-resistant for a long time. They have numerous textures and colour too.

Anti-slip tile treatment is available in many stores to help you make your floors slip-resistant. Self-adhesives and Anti-slip tapes are available, which are easy to use. You need to peel the adhesive backing and stick it on the floor. With all these available, your floor will be slip-free and risk-free!

It is indeed ideal for making your floors slip-resistant and preventing unwanted accidents. Anti-slip tile treatment adds more grip to the floor.

Anti-slip tiles are a very relevant thing for rooms such as bathrooms, pools, saunas, shopping centre, beauty salons because it is easy to clean, the variety of colour and textures is simply amazing! But to make them slip-free, non-slip tile treatment must be applied to them.

The safety of you and loved ones is imperative. Besides, the protection of your employees is also crucial. As such, make sure you make your tiles anti-slip to minimize the risks of getting accidents. To achieve this, apply an anti-slip tile treatment on your tiled floor.