The real estate industry is an incredibly dynamic one. In so many ways, it never stays still. From fluctuating house prices, dips and booms in the market, new property types being built, and ever-changing demographics of home buyers and sellers, it is almost as if the property market changes from one day to the next. It is no surprise then that the nature of real estate brokerage is constantly adapting to keep up with all these changes in the wider market and the types of people buying and selling homes. 

And it is precisely when we consider the dynamic nature of the property market that the utility – nay, the necessity – of having a top-quality realtor in your corner becomes. Whether it be analyzing, engaging with, or simply keeping up with the property market, it pays to have the help of professional realtor. CityHome Collective, a real estate brokerage specializing in homes for sale around Salt Lake City, Utah, advise that it is precisely this changing and complex nature of the property market that necessitates their services.

The Impact of New Technology 

But sometimes, it is the tail that wags the dog and not the other way around. Certain phenomena come along, every once in a while, that truly revolutionize the field. We might think here of things like financial recessions or new laws with far-reaching implications. Nobody, regardless of their level of expertise, can really do anything about these things. But more influential than even this, however, is a phenomenon that never really goes away – the advance of technology. 

There is no doubt that technological changes have historically had a near constant effect on the property market and the operation of real estate brokerages. Perhaps the largest of these has been the internet; can we even imagine the world before online property listings? All and sundry were swept up by that particular revolution. 

Into the Future

So as technology advances – and real estate keeps up – we might begin to wonder what the next big sea change in the property market will be. In order to gauge this change then, it might be worth laying out some of the new technologies that seem set to change the industry in the very near future. 

Virtual Reality 

It almost seems as if virtual reality was made for the real estate industry. When we think of VR headsets and real estate, the obvious application of this technology just jumps out – virtual tours! And, indeed, this is something that is fast become a reality. As VR technology gets ever more detailed and realistic, it no longer seems so vital to actually visit a property. At least not initially when considering many different ones. 

Artificial Intelligence 

It doesn’t seem likely that the real estate broker is going to be out of a job anytime soon. But some of their duties could soon be taken over by artificial intelligence. As well as virtual tours, the other great change could be that these tours are conducted by some sort of artificial intelligence with all the information on the home readily available. 


Cryptocurrency has been around for a while, but a new change within real estate is cryptocurrency payments for work on properties and even real estate services. The reason for this is that it usually results in a much bigger payout when the money is withdrawn at a later stage. 

Whatever new technologies may be on the horizon, one thing that is certain is that the real estate industry is no stranger to dynamic change – and it will certainly keep up.