Many firms nowadays are trying very hard to promote the idea of mattress recycling. Also, the Australian made mattress manufacturers are doing all it takes to be on the upfront. But the concept of recycling is not at all a good idea due to several reasons. Recycling an old mattress is not good due to health issues. Very many people are not ready to leave the comfort of their old mattresses and shun away from purchasing a new one.

Furthermore, they fear that the new mattress they will buy will totally discomfort them and also be very expensive. This is not true to the Australian made mattresses. This is because they are affordable and very much comfortable.

Furthermore, they should understand that the old mattresses are not suitable. Therefore, there are many reasons as to why they should opt for the new mattress.

Primary reasons why you require a new mattress instead of recycling:

  1. Health problem

Using an old mattress can lead to health issues. That old mattress may contain a lot of dust, which might lead to respiratory problems. Apart from that, the mattress may cause back pains since they are too thin. As such, Australian made mattress will be the only option.

  1. Discomfort

Apart from giving health issues, the old mattress will make you feel uncomfortable. This will, in turn, lead to many awake hours at night.

  1. No proper rest

It is also undoubtedly true that your old mattress will not guarantee you adequate rest. The best thing to do is look for the Australian made mattress, which will not only make you rest well but is also comfortable while sleeping on.

Many people are not willing to buy a new mattress with the fear that they will spend a lot. But for you to have comfort, be sure that you will spend no matter what. Nothing comes easily without spending. Great things come after a struggle. As such, spend on buying a new mattress so that you can be comfortable while sleeping. Also, bear in mind that you have to replace your mattress after four years.

Studies have shown that old mattresses are not suitable for those people having asthma. The dust and mold in the mattress can trigger the illness, forcing them to look for medical attention. Also, experts argue that old mattresses are the leading source of allergen formation. If this is left untreated, chances of severe illness are high. Thus it is prudent you get an Australian made mattress as soon as your mattress gets old to prevent further disease.

Generally, the Australian made mattress can indeed serve you better than your old mattress. This is mainly because those mattresses can be easily recycled since the springs can be reused. Besides, the pad and foam areas are adequately treated, which makes it safe for the mattress to be reused again. Similarly, other places are also treated accordingly, then reused. When you purchase the Australian made mattress, reusing it for an extended period is the significant assurance.