Getting the right lighting for a living room, kitchen, dining room, or any other area of the house can do a great deal for changing how its received. Here a few key tips on getting that impression setup properly, as well as how not to overdo it.

Intensity Settings

Every light switch should be equipped with intensity settings. This is the easiest way for your lighting be adjusted exactly to the room’s mood. Without intensity settings, you’ll have to be able to adjust the intensity manually.

Shading lights effectively and lampshades

Covers are never a bad call for your home lighting, but they can be adjusted poorly. Clip-ons, spiders, and unos are the main types of shades that will be used for most homeowners, just be sure to aptly use them depending on the room.

Adjusting colors

Most Rayvern Lighting are structured to be able to have colors applied to them. This can be great for giving a living room a more evening lounge setting, or perfectly complementing the pool area outside. Also, the longevity of LEDs are a great bonus to having that setting be available for much longer. Then you don’t need to pay attention to their dimness.

Overall, giving your home a new vibrancy with mood lighting is a fun little project to have. Give us a call today, and we can get started on helping you move towards that new tonality you’ve craved for your home!