Mijas is one of the most well-liked places for expats to settle down because it strikes a balance between the traditional Spanish way of life and its broad foreign community’s services. Without giving up the conveniences of home that you are accustomed to, you may take advantage of all the advantages of living in Spain, including the sun, the sea, and the sangria. The huge number of foreigners who reside in Mijas Costa is one of the key factors contributing to its beauty as a place to live. 

The prominent La Cala de Mijas (Mijas cove) and Sitio de Calahonda (a sizable residential estate) are located along the famed 12-kilometer-long coastline area known as Mijas Costa, which is part of the Mijas municipal district. 

The location of Mijas Costa is highly recognized for the top-notch eateries it has to offer. You may discover whatever type of food you’re interested in here, including freshly caught seafood that has been grilled, traditional tapas, paella, and rich, creamy sweets. Additionally, the area has several traditional Irish bars and traditional English eateries if you’re searching for something a bit more familiar.

Residentially, Mijas Costa’s calm streets and palm tree-lined avenues are suburbia personified: beautiful homes conceal themselves behind high walls and lush gardens, dog walkers patrol the streets, runners pound the pavement, and kids ride their bikes in full safety.

The countless beaches along the coast each have their distinct personality, ranging from the rockier, more desolate places in the municipality’s eastern region to the busier, softer, and larger affairs found in La Cala and Riviera del Sol. The mouthwatering fragrance of freshly caught fish served to your plates with the least hassle and expense and the most flavor wafting along these resorts’ promenades.

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