For all demolition, earth-moving, excavation, digging, landscaping, and grading projects, heavy diggers can be incredibly useful machines. Among the more common heavy digger types are options in backhoes and excavators which tend to be pretty much indispensable on construction sites. This equipment, however, tend to be quite costly and thus, many companies opt to hire them rather than purchase them outright. Even with hiring, the operational costs of heavy digger use can still be considerable. Following are three ways to reduce cost of a heavy digger.

1. Make Comparisons Of Different Hire Companies

One of the best ways to reduce cost of a heavy digger is by searching for a company that has the most competitive pricing. Even though different firms provide the exact same options in heavy diggers, their costs for rentals can vary greatly. Spend some time comparing several companies before choosing one to work with. When doing so, be sure to remember the following so that you can get the best possible rates:

– Look for a digger hiring service that offers a number of flexible, affordable packages.

– Work with a company that has multiple equipment types. If you happen to need both a bulldozer and an excavator, being able to get everything you need from a single service provider can be far more affordable than working with two providers.

– Make sure that your chosen package includes all necessary equipment attachments. Having grapples, buckets, augers, grading blades and other attachments will ensure that you don’t have to pay extra money for these things in addition to your equipment hire. Hiring these attachments separately will result in additional charges that drive your spending up.

Once you’ve used these points to compare different companies, start requesting quotes and then choose the provider that’s able to meet all of your equipment needs at a reasonable cost.

2. Get A Digger That’s Been Serviced

Imagine the frustrating of paying for a heavy digger hire only to have this equipment breakdown in the middle of your project. You will have to repair it at the increased cost of potentially hundreds of Euros beyond what your initially agreed to pay. Hiring a digger that’s been serviced will help you avoid this problem. Before any equipment is supplied, this machinery should be inspected, serviced, and repaired by the plant hire company. You should be present during these inspections so that you can verify firsthand that everything is working as it should.

Pay careful attention to the undercarriage, hydraulic system, attachment system, electrical system, controls, and other key areas. Make sure that all fluids have been checked, changed, or topped off as needed. After all equipment servicing and repairs have been diligently performed, you’ll be able to sidestep issues that you aren’t directly at fault for.

3. Choose An Equipment Operator With Experience

While it might seem unnecessary to pay the extra cost of hiring a professional equipment operator, this is a decision that can actually save you money. Some hire plants provide the option of renting diggers with a qualified operator at an extra cost; for instance, £200. Choosing this package will likely reduce your spending overall.

Experience operators can get the necessary work done far more rapidly than otherwise possible, especially if you or your team lacks the skills required for the safe and efficient operation of a digger. Many mistakes can be avoided when experienced operators are at the helm and absent of incompetence downtime can be avoided. If equipment gets damaged when you’ve paid for a company operator, you won’t be held accountable – instead, the resulting cost will be absorbed by the plant hire company.


Plant hire is a very important service for all construction, excavation, and earth-moving projects. Be sure to keep these tips on hand when choosing a heavy digger. Get in touch with us at FGS Plant for your equipment hire. Our packages are flexible, affordable, and designed to meet the needs of all contractors. With our competitive pricing, you’re also able to get a free, on-demand quote. Call us now and let us take care of your needs for your next digger hire.