Choosing fire doors for your home could be a daunting task, but at the same time, you must select the right one. This is because fire doors are no ordinary doors, they are designed in such a way that it reduces the rate at which fire spreads around the building or the house. When fire spreads slowly, the advantage is that you are the fire engineers get time to protect your goods from unnecessary damage.

Usually, fire doors have a solid core construction and the level of protection that each of them offers differ from one another. They have various ratings that indicate the time for which the door can withstand fire. The lowest rating is FD30, which means that these doors can keep the fire contained in one place for thirty minutes. At the same time, there are fire doors with an additional specification that is FD60, which offers protection for sixty minutes. Just like the various kinds of rating, there are different kinds of fire doors like the fire rated sliding doors or the glass fire doors or the timber fire doors.

However, one should keep in mind that having a fire-rated door is not enough, it should be installed correctly to leverage all its benefits, and at the same time, it is essential that you choose the fire doors cautiously.

Tips for buying fire doors:-

It is obvious that a door alone is not enough, many other features are associated with a door like the frames, casings, linings, hinges, fire door locks and others. Therefore, every aspect of the fire door should be chosen carefully.

Casings: Whether you are installing fire rated sliding doors or some other door, always keep in mind casings provide support to the door. The casings should also have fire-ratings so that you can enhance the effectiveness of the door and it can successfully abate the spread of fire.

Frames: Frames are an integral part of the door. Weak frames make the doors ineffective. Therefore, when you decide to install fire-rated doors, you must go for frames that are fire-resistant so that it matches the door and adds to its strength.

Linings: Did you know that for fire doors require special kind of lining is required? An ordinary lining can weaken the effects of a fire door. You can hire a professional to install a matching lining with your fire door so that you have a sturdy fire-resistant door in place.

Fire door locks: Always keep in mind that fire-rated doors should be fitted with firelocks that are compliant with the accepted standards. Also, the locks should be fixed alongside intumescent paper for additional protection.

To sum up, whether you are buying fire rated sliding doors or some other types of fire doors you should always look for reputed manufacturers and hire expert professionals for installation. This is important because you cannot take chances with fire. Get a sturdy fire door and protect your loved ones and belongings from the wrath of fire.