Timber floors are popular because of their aesthetic appealing and durability nature. The best way to make your home elegant is by installing the timber flooring; a real timber floor is constructed using reclaimed timber products. Most people prefer oak. The main reason why oak has a significant preference is that it fits the culture. Most oak timbers are attractive in making boards. However, since it is challenging to install timber boards. It is essential to hire an expert to carry out the timber flooring installation in Sydney.

Why choose timber flooring?

Excellent appearance

One of the benefits of the timber flooring is its appearance. This kind of floor gives an aesthetic and elegant look that seems to get better with age. Timber floors have an eternal appeal because their value and beauty never go out of fashion. Also, they lend a feeling of warmth to a house because they are good insulators. This is an added advantage in cold climates. These floors come in a great variety of finishes, styles, and colours. You may choose to install unfinished or prefinished timber floors.

Natural Feel

The best thing about timber floors is that it gives your house a natural look. The natural appeal of timber can make rooms look more inviting, warm, and comfortable. They do not look cold, unlike typical concrete and tiles. You do not have to add floor accessories such as rugs and carpets because the floor itself is an attraction.

The unique natural patterns in the wood make timber floors more interesting. They also come in different shades of brown and earth colours, making it easier to find floors that can match your existing interior design. Solid hard timber floors might be costly, but the result is worth the price. Impressive timber flooring can help raise the resale price of your house. This is why you can also call it an investment.


Timber floors are also more long-lasting than other kinds of floors. They are also water-resistant. Therefore, although timber usually costs more than other floor types, it is worth the investment. It can last a lifetime and increase the value as well as the charm of your house. If the finish of this floor develops scratches or becomes dull over the years, you may renew the finish by using the grind or sand methods to apply a fresh coat of urethane.

Easy To Maintain

Timber flooring is also easy to maintain and clean every day. Unlike carpets, it cannot end up as a breeding ground for dust mites, mildew, and mould. You can clean this kind of floor daily. In addition, these flooring options can be installed over a concrete slab, which is radiant, heated. Nonetheless, you should remember that it is not recommended to install a three fourth inch timber slab directly on a concrete floor, but you can directly glue a five sixteenth inch solid hard timber slab to concrete.

Environmental Friendly

Timber floors are also environmentally friendly. This is due to the introduction of new methods of harvesting timber and the presence of regulations that tree cutters must follow. Foresting practices are controlled to ensure that trees are not over-harvested. Moreover, the wood used to make these floors can be recycled or reused from wooden boards, which are reclaimed from old buildings.

Finally, even though timber flooring installation in Sydney may seem costly, it has many benefits, and you will not regret installing it on your property.