It is a little difficult to fix all the needed things in a small bathroom. In this article let us discuss some bathroom renovation tips for a small size bathroom. If you want to have all the needed items in the small size bathroom then read this article fully.

Design Ideas for a small size bathroom in Sydney:

  1. Fixing a corner sink: Pedestal sink sometimes disturbs the traffic line of the bathroom. So it is better to fix the sink at the corner of the bathroom instead of placing it near the shower area. You must walk around because of the opening and closing of the shower doors.
  2. Use a curtain for the shower area: Instead of glass doors, you can use a shower curtain. It is the best space-saving idea. Shower tubs are available in different length. You can purchase shower tub combos. Shower tubs with 60 inches will be perfect for the small bathroom.
  3. Floating vanity: If you use vanity with free underneath space then the size of the bathroom looks longer.
  4. Round edge vanity: Sharp corners of the vanity sometimes hurt the family members because of the crowded space. In this case, you can buy and install round edge vanities as part of bathroom renovation.
  5. Extension of countertop over the toilet space: This type is similar to the banjo-style arrangement. The countertop is mostly made up of wood or stone. You can store some extra items on the extended countertops. It will create a clean and simple look. The countertop will not affect toilet users.
  6. Large size patterns: For expanding the size visually you can use some large size patterns like wide strips, and curves. The real space of the bathroom will be the same but it will show the bathroom in a bigger size.
  7. Avoid shower doors: For small size bathrooms instead of glass shower doors, you can use glass panels. The function of both the shower doors and glass panels is the same. But panels require less space when compared with the shower doors.
  8. Large size mirror: Having a large size mirror in small size bathrooms with help the users and comfort. Every space of the bathroom is valuable so it must be used properly.
  9. Fix the towel bar on the back of the bathroom door: For saving the space you can mount the towel bar on the door space. The towels can be easily used if it is placed outside.
  10. Trough sink: For saving space install clean, narrow and simple trough sink. It has a low profile when compared with other types. Wall- hung sinks use the wall space instead of the floor space.
  11. One shelf vanity: For the smart bathroom, you can use pedestal design. One shelf vanity is enough for holding toilets and other bathroom needs.
  12. Wall mount faucet: Narrow vanity or sink can be used if you are fixing the faucet on the wall surface. Square footage of the bathroom can be freed up. Even when designing a traditional bathroom in Sydney, you can fix wall mount faucet. It suits all types of bathroom design.