Most people find it difficult to clean non-slip flooring. In this article let us discuss the cleaning procedure of non- slip floors and also the tips for maintaining the non – slip floors since proper maintenance of the non- slip floors will improve the slip resistance.

Maintenance Procedure of non- slip Flooring:

The slip resistance of the non- slip floor tiles are maintained by the micro channels formed during the treatment. The micro channels must be kept clean. It must not be blocked by foreign elements like grease and dirt. For proper maintenance follow the below-mentioned steps.

  • The non- slip floors must be kept free from detergent, grease, and oil.
  • For cleaning the non- slip surface daily use hot water and detergent. Only less quantity of detergent must be used as per the floor manufacturer’s advice.
  • For rinsing the floor use hot water.
  • If possible do not use detergent since it stays on the floor after the evaporation of water. Use vinegar for cleaning the non- slip floors. You can also use a free surfactant cleaner which is fully based on enzymes.

The non- slip floors must be deeply cleaned periodically since normal mopping will lead to the build-up of contamination. First, it will be formed in the grout line and then it will be transferred to the micro channel.

  • For periodic cleaning use good quality detergent or penetrating cleaner and hot water.
  • Apply the mixed solution on the anti-slip surface and after few minutes scrub the surface with the strong bristle or deck brush
  • It is recommended to use a wet vac to clean the soil and liquid left on the non- slip surface.

Cleaning Procedure:

The cleaning procedure of non-slip floor tiles is a little different when compared with the other tiles.

  • The work area must be cleared first. The rugs and furniture must be removed from the work area. Small work areas like bathrooms are easy to clean and can be cleaned at one stretch. Sweep the work area to remove debris and loose dirt.
  • Pour water on the work area and dampen its surface. Move the water on the surface of the work area using a brush. Use the correct amount of water to wet the surface.
  • On the wet surface sprinkle a few quantities of bar keepers friend and brush it on the surface.
  • After 10 minutes scrub the surface of the floor. You can use long type brush for the scrubbing the normal surface. For stains and stubborn areas, it is recommended to use short size brush because they are more effective when compared with the long brush. If needed you can add water to the floor.
  • If needed you can some more powder for the more stubborn area. The floor will become wet once the powder is added.
  • After cleaning the floor. Dry the surface using the towel. If you find some leftover residue on the floor add extra water and scrub the work area. After completing the cleaning process, you can dry the place using a towel.